AD #1874 – JLR Profits Shoot Up, American Rookie Wins Indy 500, Honda Develops New Process for Thinner A-Pillars

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Tata Does with JLR What Ford Never Could - VW’s Profits Plunge - American Rookie Wins the Indy 500 - Honda’s New Process for Making Thinner A-Pillars - Getting Used to Video Mirrors

And today shall totta does what Ford could never do with jaguar Honda develops a new manufacturing process to make thinner 8 pillars and an American rookie wins the Indy 500 on that more coming right up on online daily. Zahn align daily for may 31. 2016. Back when we were all in school we got a report card to take home to mom and dad to show how well we were doing or not doing. In the business world those report cards are called quarterly earnings and we've got 2 of them to talk about today from Volkswagen and jaguar Land Rover let's start with JLR. When Ford put together it's Primera motive group. I promised that it would generate one third of the company's profits and jail are with the crown jewel of that group and ...

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