America's False Flag | Unfilter 190

published 2 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Wearing the YPG insignia on the frontlines of Syria US Special forces are exposed by new photos this week, Snowden’s got new leaks, Hillary takes a beating from the media, Trump backs out of debating Bernie & we check in with the new controversy around Gary Johnson. Plus a packed Overtime & much more!

This is on filter episode 190 for 5/30/2016 American special forces with YPG and in this case might be NJ that's an all female unit of 5 Kurdish fighters that with their insignia on instead pictures kinda given away the low profile helmets the unique camouflage the you know really this weaponry that doesn't go for export I divine spend expensive communications get visa American troops in their armed to the teeth. Into one bill damsel one. You were broadcasting's weekly show that's watching all that new. So you know. Off to ...

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