Ep: 8: Dustin Pedroia and Maverick's visit to Fenway

published 3 years ago

Harold Reynolds hangs out with a fellow second baseman - Boston's Dustin Pedroia! The Red Sox star shows you how he gets ready in the on-deck circle, plus Play Ball follows a boy named Maverick and his special visit to Fenway Park.

Is gonna be my . Well I don't blame all the still how it's all the things we love about the greatest game in the world baseball n't swayed will catch up with some of the brightest stars in a big way. All men and. I will also check out what's going on and you baseball around the country. So get out there play ball. One. Safe way to play with. Get some fresh air. And you know it's just my rented us out there. I'm Harold Reynolds if I know me from MLB network but before that I was the play a little bomb us ...

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