Dunkirk: Day by Day - 29 May 1940

published 2 years ago by Dan Snow

On 29 May 1940 - The British are able to utilise the East Mole resulting in the rescue of 45,000 men. But the Luftwaffe continue to wreak havoc on the British ships. Subscribe to the No.1 History Podcast: 

District may 29 what was going on 75 years ago on this day while I'm here and don't cut whether a bottle was reaching a climax the British or try to evacuate them men from the coast of Europe following a catastrophic defeat by Hitler's van marks they were using this course along may 29 the Royal Navy stuff to massively ramp up the number of men it could take off these beaches because it use this feature behind me the east mall is a break water but the royal navy's ads appear they brought destroys alongside the out in the deep water unusual is destroyed could take 900 men all speech. So the previous day's disappointing total of 18000 more than double today 45000 and got off the street. Made it back you carry a live to fight another day lots the price was heavy the German liftoff the German airforce took a terrible to ...

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