AD #1871 – OEMs Dive Into Mobility Services, VW Complains About Excessive Fines, Volvo Makes Way for Geely

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Toyota Invests in Uber - Volkswagen Getts into Ride Sharing - PSA Teams with Koolicar - NHTSA Tests Back Seat Safety - OEMs Go Ape Over Gorilla Glass - VW Complains About Excessive Fines - VW’s MAN Expands Self-Driving Capability - Volvo Makes Way for Geely

On today's show VW complains that the fines it faces from U. S. regulators are excessive be auto industry continues to dive head first into mobility services and John shares his insight. Volvo strategy to move up market on that and more come. Right up on online dating. This is not a link daily for may 25 of 2016. It seems that every time you turn around another car company is announcing a big move into mobility services. And now Toyota and Volkswagen are taking the plunge. Toyota invested an undisclosed amount of money in over and is going to offer sweetheart lease deals took over drivers to encourage them to drive a Toyota or Lexus. The companies are also going to collaborate on ...

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