AD #2440 – Peugeot Unveils Retro Inspired Concept, NASCAR Viewership Sliding, Daimler Tests AI to Help Engineers

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- BMW Launches Motorcycle Rental Service - VW Reveals Commercial Version of I.D. Buzz - Aston Martin Looks For $6 Billion In IPO - Peugeot Unveils Retro Inspired Concept - NASCAR Viewership Sliding - Daimler Tests AI to Help Engineers - Mobility Poses Threat to Auto Industry

On today's show Peugeot reveals a concept that's not not to its past and future BMW launches a motorcycle rental service in Alex partner shares its advice to auto makers on how to prepare for the disruption mobility is going to cause all that and more coming right up. This is not a line daily the voice of the global automotive industry well if you've ever wanted to write a BMW motorcycle but don't have the means the only one you're in lock BMW Motorrad is launching a new service called rent a ride that allows you to rent one of its motorcycles on a short term basis you just select what modeled you'd like to ride from a website and if it's available you pick it up at a participating dealership the service also includes a training session and any necessary equipment or accept ...

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