Audit Mistakes - Enterprise Security Weekly #107

published 1 year ago by Security Weekly

Doug White and Matt Alderman talk about audit mistakes. Don't get into the mindset of ticking the box to satisfy audit. - What is this control and why are using it? - What does it control? Full Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!

I am Doug white with cutting edge enterprise to it's it's it's Paul went to the Halloween store and you know this is what happened so we did we can't take him anywhere this is why we have machetes laying on the desk but we have them I'm Doug white and this is enterprise security weekly I'm filling in for Paul I'm joined by Matt alderman the amazing guy we're gonna talk about a whole bunch of stuff but we primarily are going to talk about bought it I. T. mistakes that we see in enterprise all the time when we're doing auditing so the I think that's where we are Sisqo aims to make security what is this. I'll I'll I'm sorry this is right excuse me Sisqo aims to make security foundation old foundational throughout its business but Dallas looks to grow cyber security platform how artificial intelligence can improve human decision making an I. O. T. apps cross match announces the availability ...

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