Virtualization Revelation | LAS 418

published 3 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

We share our early experiences with virtualization, then show you how Linux’s built-in enterprise grade virtualization curb stomps some commercial options. The discussion wraps up with examples of awesome hardware passthrough, and the major shift Linux has made possible. PLUS: Chromebooks outsell Macs, the sad story of an important project fading away, the big choice facing Fedora & more!

Exaction show is created by Jupiter broadcasting it's sponsored by tango to last save off your first device or plan and DigitalOcean go to and use the promo code here's the thing all one word like your slur in it it's going to be on the next break for free and clinics academy go to links slash unplugged and invest in your mind while saving some money welcome that exact job sold 418 my name is Chris my name is no pain no guess what big show today coming up on this week's episode of the legs action show just ask no it's one of the number one questions I get sent into the show very. A big topic and the big show's gonna try to do it some justice with a high level overview. A how to segment and even some easy buttons you can press for even that coveted hardware passed through virtualization all night yeah we'll tell you all about it in this week's episode of the late exact. And then in the news segment girl cry. Just also hope so the Macintosh move here to tell you about ...

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