Calling In Your Harvest #4

published 3 years ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

What’s keeping you from claiming your rightful harvest? In these powerful messages, Dr. Jerry Savelle explains the Spiritual laws that govern the reaping of a harvest that has been reserved just for you. God never forgets your offerings and the seeds you sow. Start expecting extraordinary things to happen after you’ve planted your seed. Your harvest is just waiting to go to its rightful owner! Harvest time has come!

Hello everyone thank you for joining me today I am so thrilled that you've taken the time out of your busy life to join with me and allow me to make an importation into your life I'll be sharing some truths from god's word that I believe have the ability to change your life particularly if you're believing god for financial breakthroughs in your life I know everywhere I go most every church up preachy and that is probably the number one request the number one need in most of the believers and I come in contact with their believing for financial breakthroughs well if you're believing for a financial breakthrough you've ...

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