BVOV - Sep2518 - Judges Determine the Course of America

published 2 years ago by Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Believers Voice of Victory Video Broadcast for Tuesday 09/25/2018 Judges are changing America—and your vote chooses those judges! Watch George Pearsons, Buddy Pilgrim and Michele Bachmann on Believer’s Voice of Victory as they share why Christians are great influencers of government decisions in the United States. Judges determine the course of America—that’s why your vote is needed!

If the court overstepped its bounds then the legislature is supposed to take those guys out of office because they're not supposed to be making law but what we've seen is that the Congress is so weak congresspeople are so weak they don't want to be controversial they don't want to do anything that look controversial. This is pastor George Pearson's welcome to this very special edition of the believers voice of victory broadcast faith for our nation and we have with us 2 very special people my co host body pilgrim welcome back today buddy thank thank congresswoman Michele Bachmann we are ...

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