BVOV - Sep2618 - The Biblical Significance of Foreign Policy

published 2 years ago by Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Believers Voice of Victory Video Broadcast for Wednesday 09/26/2018 When you go to the ballot box, are you considering the biblical significance of foreign policy? Watch George Pearsons, Buddy Pilgrim and Michele Bachmann on Believer’s Voice of Victory as they uncover the stark difference between the two political parties when it comes to foreign policy. Learn how to vote in line with God’s Word in this important spiritual arena.

When it comes to foreign policy you couldn't have a more stark difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party again we're not here to bash political parties or lift them up we're trying not being billable call because nothing is more clear than what the believer is supposed to do regarding Israel. This is pastor George persons I welcome you again to another edition of the believers voice of victory broadcast and we're talking about faith for our nation in preparation for these upcoming mid term elections we are recognizing that we are the difference a difference makers ...

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