AD #1868 – Delphi to Test 3D Printed Components, Uber Jumps Into Autonomy, How the New CAFE Standards Work

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- ATandT Touts In-Car Wi-Fi in New Ad - Toyota Surpasses 9 Million Hybrid Sales - Delphi to Test 3D Printed Components - Uber Jumps Into Autonomy - Infiniti Launches Technician Training Program - How the New CAFE Standards Work

On today's show Delphi will soon task cars equipped with 3 D. printed components Hoover is preparing to test autonomous Ford fusions and a look at the new cafe footprint rules on that more coming right up online daily. This is utterly daily for may 20 of 2016. People increasingly want their cars connected to all the other things they do so to get consumers aware of its services 18 T. just launched a digital campaign that focuses on wireless connectivity inside the car to the social media ads will share the benefit of turning a car into a wifi hotspot from a kid's point of view. The company is also expanding connected car services for its unlimited plan customers. The telecommunications giant is heavily involved in connected cars. It now has ...

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