How To Make Delicious Chocolate Frosting – Chocolate Frosting Recipe

published 3 years ago by Sebastian Hette & Amalie Hette

In this video we show you how to make a super delicious chocolate frosting! Chocolate frosting recipe:

Hello buddy and welcome to the kids in town in this video we are going to make. Chocolate cream topping so if you have a talk with cake standing at home or if you're thinking about making the top with cake them don't eat it without making this and putting it on top so I'm just going to quickly move the show you how to do this I picked up her. Put that into the blender or mixer that I take the costing sugar or did that. To the mixer also. Boy. Then I had some cocoa powder. Some espresso. And some vanilla savior. And mix it up. Now everything is done and . Now you can just smear it on your take and it will be 10 times better. Just look ...

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