AD #1866 – Suzuki Admits to Improper Testing, Audio Solutions Cut Vehicle Weight, Indian Cars Earn Zero Stars

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Mitsubishi President Steps Down - Suzuki Admits to Fuel Economy Misconduct - Some Indian Cars Fail NCAP Crash Tests - Ridgeline In-Bed Trunk Updates - Audio Solutions Cut Vehicle Weight - Connected Parking Companies Team Up

On today's show Tsuzuki admits he conducted improper fuel economy tasks how audio company Harmon is helping to cut weight from vehicles. And 5 model sold in in. Feel global and. Crash tests on that more coming right up. On the line to. This is not a like daily for may 18 of 2016. In the wake of its fuel economy scandal the president of Mitsubishi motors. Sir Aikawa is resigning from that position at the end of June the company overstated fuel economy numbers for for many cars sold in Japan by as much as 15 percent. And it performed improper tests for other models since 1991. But Mitsubishi isn't the only Japanese company facing scrutiny over fuel economy after that scandal broke Japanese government official ...

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