AD #1865 – Startup Developing Autonomous Semi, FCA Axes Pacifica-Based CUV, Ranking OEMs by Production

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- New Startup Developing Self-Driving Semi Trucks - FCA Axes Pacifica-Based CUV - BMW’s Most Powerful Diesel Ever - Ford GT Gets Carbon Fiber Wheels - Ford Develops Components from Captured CO2 - Chinese OEMs Bigger Than Most Realize

On today's show BMW introduces its most powerful diesel engine ever SCA drops plans to develop the C. U. V. based on the pacifica many band and why Chinese automakers are a lot. Bigger than you realize. All that more coming right up. Does not align daily for may 17. 2016. Google has been working on developing autonomous cars for a number of years but to employees working on that project recently left to create their own start up company to focus on self driving semi trucks called auto it was founded by former Google car in maps employees Anthony Levin Taos ski and let your run. The New York times reports that the company is testing 3 Volvo trucks and has logged over 10000 miles ...

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