Chris Brenton, ACM - Business Security Weekly #99

published 1 year ago by Security Weekly

Michael Santarcangelo returns! Michael is joined by Matt Alderman and Ron Gula to interview Chris Brenton. They discuss what is threat hunting, what does this actually mean, is there a level of maturity required (organization, security team, individuals)? Full Show Notes:

I'm bag this week we dive into really cool double feature with Chris Britain of act the countermeasures in the first segment Matt alderman night we're going to talk about the things we love problems how they're solving it the value they create in the second segment ragu is going to join us we're gonna get a little bit more into how you value weeks these types of technologies which is going to be great if your leader trying to evaluate technologies this is a show you're gonna love especially if you're trying to wrap your head around threat hunting business security weekly starts. Now. This is security weekly for security professionals by security professionals. Live from the studios in the show we explore the business of security to improve the security of your trusted source for actionable insights on leadership communication and innovation ...

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