AD #2436 – BMW’s Tesla Fighter, China Market Down…Yet Again, Dixon Wins 5th IndyCar Championship

published 7 months ago by John McElroy

- Elon Goes to Hell - Dixon Wins 5th IndyCar Championship - Hamilton Wins Singapore Grand Prix - Keselowski Hands Penske 500th Win - Electric Semis Are Fast Off the Line - BMW’s Tesla Fighter - EPA Changes Test Procedures to Prevent Cheating - China Market Down…Yet Again

I'm today show the EPA changes its test procedures as a result of votes wagons treating the lawn Moscow goes from one held to one another and you can't believe how fast and all like trick semi can accelerate all that and more coming right up. This is not a like daily the voice of the automotive industry you know if you told the line must to go to hell he probably tell young he's already been there at first boss talked about the production held that tells Liz going through trying to get the bottle 3 up to speed and now he says the company is going through delivery logistics hell the line made the comment in a tweet responding to a woman who was complaining about how the delivery of her car was postponed yet again he said the company is making progress and the ...

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