AD #1864 – Suppliers Rate The OEMs, Max Verstappen Youngest F1 Winner, Honda Ridgeline Design Walkaround

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Hyundai Taps Bentley… Again - Tesla Snags Audi Manufacturing Guru - Cadillac Names New VP Of China - Max Verstappen Youngest F1 Winner - Suppliers Rate The OEMs - Ford GT Prices Could Skyrocket - Honda Ridgeline Design Walkaround

On today's show we report about the youngest kid in history to ever win a Formula 1 Grand Prix and all the executive poaching going on in the industry. And we comfortably predict that prices for the new Ford GT are going to skyrocket. On that more coming right up on online dating. This is not a line daily for may 16. 2016. What do you do in the auto industry when you need a new executive and don't have anyone inside to fit the bill why you go out and steal them from your competitors that's what. First up Hyundai last year it hired former Bentley designer Luke donker Wielka to head up its design for its new genesis luxury brand. You remember Luke. He's the guy who excoriated the design of the new Lincoln continental concept as a blatant rip off ...

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