082 - Pevensey Castle

published 2 years ago by Dan Snow

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I don't wanna ministry guy bring you the best history from around the world today of it being doing councils of the cost of this morning I did one and . Ken's not commit to Sussex to do a colossal that is played. A critical policy. In automation systems go a few more people hop on this here we go thank you very much for joining thank you very much everybody hello hello pretty . If you talk to ghosts hello New York. Good to have you back buddy hello my Wielka good so we got some Americans we got some Spanish we got all sorts of people and that's great. Good morning again I hope some of you on the . hope some of you other white that's pretty and hello to you alone shuffle herbal miss it is sunny here isn't yet nicely someone took a screenshot that us a good shot screenshots. you know dijo visiting rooms and broadcasting throughout indeed Europe's he writes that. So may say I'm filming for the B. B. C.'s next 1066 programs to 900 55 of us through this year so we're gonna be for ...

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