AD #1863 – Strong Yen May Clobber Japanese OEMs, Cadillac to Add 3-Row CUV, Reviving Dead Battery Packs

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Yen Could Clobber Japanese Profits - Takata Survival Not So Crazy - How to Restore Dead NiMH Battery Packs - Cadillac XT7 Coming in 2019 - Continental Develops Gesture Control System - Barn Find - Attracting Youth to Manufacturing

On today's show a stronger yen could clobber the profitability of Japanese automakers Cadillac it's. Pairing. 3 row crossover. And how to bring back hybrid batteries. After they die. On that mark coming right up. Online dating. This is our line daily for may 13 of 2016. After picking up control of Mitsubishi motors for only $2000000000 yesterday Nissan posted some pretty good financials for its 2015 fiscal years Nissan sold 5.4000000 vehicles worldwide and posted a net profit of 4.$4000000000 but that was based on calculating the yen at 120 to the dollar today began is trading at 109 to the dollar and Nissan expects it to average 105 ...

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