Sharpen Your RZR

published 1 year ago by Duke-Taylor Productions, LLC

Chris Duke shows you how to install 4 aftermarket accessories on a Polaris RZR XP 1000. Then Alan Taylor “Drives Toward A Cure” in a Kia Stinger GT.

In a previous episode motors we show you how to install some killer off road LED lights on our 2014 players are the R. X. P. 1000 well today we're gonna show you how to install for more aftermarket products for the side by side including a particle separator to keep that air intake filter clean a new clutch for increasing performance a complete new - kit and some cargo bags to keep things from flood out then Alan drive toward a cure for Parkinson's disease while test driving the new kia stinger GT. No I love operating as much as the next guy especially in the dunes the problem is that when you're hitting it hard like this where do you think all the dirt and sand ends up not just in your face but you're ...

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