AD #1861 – Toyota Earnings Beat Expectations, Ford Wants Small Engines to Sound Bigger, You Said It!

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Toyota Earnings Beat Expectations - Mitsubishi Scandal Getting Worse - Ford Patents Technology to Make Downsized Turbos Sound Bigger - Drones Could Help Autonomous Cars “See” Better - You Said It!

On today's show Ford wants to use drones to help autonomous cars navigate the roads Mitsubishi likely misstated fuel economy numbers for most of its model sold in Japan. John Nance. Moments. In you said it. On that more coming right up. Online de. This is not a line daily for may 11 of 2016. Toyota posted its financial earnings for the year and the overall results are impressive the company retailed close to 8.7000000 vehicles worldwide last year that's a 3 percent drop compared to the year before sales fell in just about every region except for North America but despite the drops. Companies revenues were up over 4 percent to $237000000000. Its operating profit of $24000000000 is up ...

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