Paul Scheer finds Teddy Ruxpin a bit unsettling

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CNET Unboxing TLDR: The comedian gets freaked out.

We have found the batteries and we have open up teddy Ruxpin is back it was not easy and you know the study rocks and does not work on a like a old school story book which is what he's the come with and and a tape deck no no now he's an apt and let's get into let's see how the rocks and it's going to be this is awesome. I. Also will be able to scare the hell out of my wife of I'm able to keep that so they will not like a talking this is like a full up straight up Chuck you mean I don't remember him being this scary like he's scary looking now like there's more dead. Did I get that check it out okay. Here is let's go. Beyond all right we are. Okay we're on we're live. Teddy Ruxpin effect. Move ...

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