Networking Jobs and Your Career with Ben Norton

published 5 months ago by UCTV

Networking is often the key to the next step in your career. Ben Norton, CEO of 6 Degrees Networking, shares how to leverage new and existing relationships and create a meaningful give and take. He gives advices for both introverts and extroverts in today's job market. Series: "The Career Channel" [Show ID: 33942]

Welcome to our new segment of of job one we're thrilled to have you with us and there is probably nothing more important in your job search for the success of your career other than your talents obviously then networking and we're here to talk to Ben Norton who is the CEO and owner of 6 degrees networking group because it is so important to make connections in your career and who knows who and nobody does a better than 5 yields a company that focuses on nothing but network so very welcome to write to job one great to have you here with us tells about 6 degrees and all the things you do yes absolutely thank you thank you very much Phil 6 degrees is a is a fantastic organization its headquartered here in San Diego it's been around for 12 years and it is a professional networking organization ...

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