AD #1860 – NAFTA Bigger Than China, LeEco and Faraday Closer Than Thought, FCA and Google Deal Blown Out of Proportion

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Deep Discounts Prop Up China Sales - NAFTA Bigger Than China - Honda Patents Multi-Displacement Engine - LeEco and Faraday Future Much Closer Than 1st Thought - Lexus Shoots Commercial in the Motor City - Volvo Teams with urb-it on In-Car Delivery Service - Google and FCA Deal Blown Out of Proportion

On today's show did you know that nafta has more car salesman China Honda is experimenting with an engine with different displacement. And why the F. C. a Google deal has been blown all out of proportion. All that and more coming right up. Online game. This is not a line daily the show where we're not just car enthusiasts we are enthusiasts for the automotive industry. Despite all kinds of stories that the economy in China is slowing down car sales were up strong in April sales hit 1.72 0 light vehicles with SUV's up a whopping 36 percent while passenger cars were down 4.5 percent but in a warning sign for later in the year the strong sales are coming mainly. From deep discount. Not organic growers. In addition to government incentives dealers are ...

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