AD #2434 – New Aston Martin EV Details, Volvo Trucks Develops Cab-Less AV, Repair Shops Not Following OEM Guidelines

published 7 months ago by John McElroy

- Aston Martin Reveals Details About New EV - Porsche Expands Subscription Services - Unique Platform For Selling Used Cars - Volvo Trucks Develops Cab-Less AV - Hyundai Readies Fuel Cell Semi - New Vehicles Depreciate by Thousands - Repair Shops Not Following OEM Guidelines

On today's show Volvo trucks reveals a bizarre electric a Thomas commercial vehicle a new study finds that new vehicles depreciate by more than $3000 a year an Aston Martin shares more details about its upcoming first ever electric vehicles all that and more coming right up online daily. This is not a line daily the voice of the global automotive industry. Lester Martin is sharing more details about its first all electric vehicle the repeat each twin electric motors that produce about 600 horsepower and 700 pound feet of torque drives the rear wheels through a limited slip differential Aston is projecting 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds and a top speed of 155 miles per hour as 65 kilowatt hour battery pack ...

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