Time for a hospitality refresh

published 4 years ago by Monocle

From nation to brand, city hall to hotel, who is doing hospitality well and offering benchmarks for experiences that are genuine, reliable and believable? This Monocle Quality of Life Conference film was the overture to the panel discussion, exploring how cities and brands make visitors and locals feel welcome.

Spits out let's see is an art not a science from a decent Cup of coffee into the right lighting and the time you take for a heartfelt hand shake a little effort on the hospitality front pays dividends. It has the power to force nations and solidify brown's. Done deftly a warm welcome can elevate humble experiences. Into extraordinary ones. Content passes bowing to clients and strangers different. But hospitality isn't just a rematch which. Welcome videos it's a way of looking at the composition of cities streets and buildings and businesses. Even our cities waking up to the value of being a bit more welcoming. Merrick Milan is Amsterdam's nights Matt note not it's nemesis but an official appointed to oversee the city's bustling night time economy after years of suffering with the noise and disorder Assoc ...

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