How I'm using LEGO to teach Arabic | Ghada Wali

published 9 months ago by TED Conferences LLC

After a visit to a European library in search of Arabic and Middle Eastern texts turned up only titles about fear, terrorism and destruction, Ghada Wali resolved to represent her culture in a fun, accessible way. The result: a colorful, engaging project that uses LEGO to teach Arabic script, harnessing the power of graphic design to create connection and positive change. "Effective communication and education is the road to more tolerant communities," Wali says.

I come from Egypt's. Which is also closed on the done yeah mother of the world. It's a rich country filled with stories of rebellion stories of civilization trying and down fall and the rich religious ethnic cultural and linguistic diversity. Growing up in such environments I became a strong believer in the power of storytelling. As a search for the medium with which sell my story I stumbled upon graphic design. I would like to share with you a project of how graphic design can bring the Arabic language to life but first let me tell you why I want to do this. I believe the graphic design can change the world at least in my very ...

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