AD #1857 – Takata’s Airbag Recall Explodes, Tesla Sets Bold Production Target, Toyota Makes EV Battery Breakthrough

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- NHTSA Orders Takata to Expand Airbag Recall - Tesla Boosts Revenue, Loses More Money - Toyota’s Magnesium Battery - Kia Gets Over the Hump - Ford Display Meshes Old Mustang with New - You Said It!

On today's show Takata is ordered to practically double if your bag recall Toyota says it's stumbled onto a battery breakthrough for E. vis. And I'll answer your comments and questions and you sat on that and more coming right up. Online dating. This is not a line daily for may 5 of 2016. NHTSA is ordering Takada to expand its air bag recall so far the company has recalled nearly 29000000 inflators in 24000000 vehicles now it has to add another 35 to 40000000 inflators to the list. This will replace all frontal airbags equipped with an ammonium nitrate based propellant without a chemical drying agent later this summer the agency will update its priority schedule and the time frame in which auto makers must acquire a sufficient supply of replay ...

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