AD #1856 – Ford Tests Mobile Wind Tunnels, U.S. Sales Growth Slows Down, Barn Find Revealed!

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- FCA and Google to Make Autonomous Hybrid Pacificas - 2017 F-150 Gets New Engine and Transmission - Ford Tests Mobile Wind Tunnels - The Pressures of Being a Supplier - U.S. Market Starting to Tighten Up - Barn Find Revealed!

On today's show car sales are showing signs of slowing down in the U. S. B. F. 150 is getting a new power train set up and we reveal the answer to this week's barn find all that more common right now. Online do. This is not a line daily for may 4 of 2016. Well I see a a Google officially announced their partnership to develop autonomous Chrysler pacifica minivans yesterday and here's a few important things to know first off they will use the hybrid version of the pacifica. So not only is Chrysler the first to have a hybrid minivan but it will be the first to have an autonomous hybrid minivan. I find that to be fairly significant. Secondly both companies will move part of their engineering teams to a facility in southeastern Michigan to design test and manufacture the vehicle ...

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