Travel tips for Freiburg

published 3 years ago by DW.COM | Deutsche Welle

Wine connoisseur Alixe Winter recommends a stroll on the banks of the Dreisam River, gourmet restaurant Colombi and the panoramic view from Jesuitenschloss.

Is where a Nixon into works activa or old guard house. 30 winegrowers from Baden have formed a videos association and sell their wine here. And exit into is the association's manager. Chris got phonetics of in hello I'm the lives of into a manager of the eyes of the high and the house of Baden. We offer around 103. I'll specialities and lines. Freiburg is a very green city. 500 hectares of lush parks and forests. Stretching. The edge of this. A mix of interest first suggestion takes us. Banks of. The river that feel. Famous little can ...

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