A quick tour of the Skype for Business Mac Public Preview

published 3 years ago by Microsoft

Skype for Business Mac Public Preview is rolling out in stages over the coming months. You can request an invite to test the Mac client at www.SkypePreview.com. This this demonstration, Madhuri Tondepu, program manager from the Skype engineering team, provides a comprehensive overview of the current preview experience. She demonstrates the updated user experience, discovering, joining and participating in Skype meetings, and the work the team has done to modernize the client from the ground up .

Today I'll give you a quick look at the upcoming new mac client for sky for business will look at the brand new modern user interface the Skype meetings experience and talk to some of the work we've done to modernize the client from the ground up. The first thing to note is that this new mac client has a completely new code base that is optimized for quality and reliability. It's using the latest media stacked in the API's of the latest mac OS 10 al Capitan to deliver the richest experience on a modern mac. For improved audio experience the kind is using the silk codec to support robust and efficient band with management. It also uses the age to 64 Kodak with advanced video compression for a high quality video experience. Let's walk through the meetings experience on the Skype for business mac client. One of the first things you notice after signing in is this calendar view it shows you the list of all your appointments and meetings for that day. As you can see I have a presentation review schedule for 10 a ...

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