How to Live in the City

published 4 years ago by Monocle

Billions of people live in cities but how many of us actually *live* in our city? Hugo Macdonald, author of the book *How to Live in the City*, takes us to New York, Tokyo and London with tips noting down how to thrive in these urban hubs using pens from Cross's new city-inspired Peerless 125 Special-Edition Collection, inspired by iconic works of architecture; London's Elizabeth Tower, New York's Chrysler Building, and Tokyo's Skytree Tower.

Thing in the city isn't all it's not a science. Choosing to live in a city is choosing to enter into a relationship with it. And. Human relations. The relationship you have with your 6. Requires no. Because. And what. The movie takes ownership. Tell us what. The more likely we are to find our own individual places. We did. Uhhuh. First step to forming a good relationship with the city we live in is to introduce. Tenet. As an exercise in. Standing what city is about what. Michael this feeling this ...

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