Introducing, Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials

published 3 years ago by Microsoft

Sr. Product Manager, Javier Nino from Microsoft, offers a quick overview of the new free Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials program and its benefits including: access to professional training; extended Cloud services trials; free credit for Microsoft Azure; career guidance and prioritized expert level support. If you are an IT Professional, you can subscribe at

Today I'll give you a quick overview of the new free my because of IT broke out essential program. With benefits including access to professional training. Standard because there's this trial. Free credit for Mike's of I share. Career guidance and expert level support. The crowd opens up new opportunities for you to support the needs of your organization. As an IT professional people look to you to be the first to know about new technologies and you are vital to the technology adoption. But keeping up with the speed of innovation in the cloud can be painful if trials expire before you can do meaningful assessments or information and support it's hard to find. Which is why we're introducing the new free IT broke out essentials program. To give you a better experience on the journey. So let me show you how you can access. Try and enjoy the great benefits of these programs. So here I am in the portal I click join ...

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