AD #1848 – More Scrutiny Over Fuel Economy and Emissions, Rental Companies Impacted by Uber, Audi Updates A6 and A7

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- More OEMs Face Fuel Economy and Emissions Scrutiny - Business Travelers Choose Uber - New Rubber Reduces Toyota’s Carbon Footprint - Audi Updates A6 and A7 Sedans - Barn Find - Future Piston Engines to Run on Hydrogen?

On today's show more and more automakers are facing scrutiny over fuel economy and emissions mover is beginning to cut into the rental car business and we want to know if you can identify this truck on that mark coming right up on online dating. This is not a line daily for April 22 of 2016. Yesterday it was reported that Volkswagen will buy back 0.5000000 vehicles due to its diesel emission cheating scandal and now more automakers are facing scrutiny from authorities over fuel economy and emissions. Earlier in the week Mitsubishi it admitted it overstated fuel economy ratings for several of its model sold in Japan now Reuters reports that more vehicles are likely involve than previously revealed and NHTSA also requested info from the company to find out if it's violating any rule ...

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