081 - Classic Medieval British Street Plan in Rochester

published 2 years ago by Dan Snow

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I wish I had the craziest house you guys have ever seen in your life are you ready for this. Are you ready for this house. Stand by. Done by Jerry Kelly. Anything you can spot that is wrong with this house that is not the lands during that affect guys. That is not the lands. That house. Is. Seriously one can. Version I hope I repeat does not let us go to have a look at. The south check out the door. The door. There's only Sloan's. Everything is on the slots. So. this is a classic cut across exciting Brittany Lewis. And social you know the classic so you got a whole lot of pubs down there. You got some beautiful buildings through Hehe. I'm but let's go have a Sonoma meticulously because the souls. So we go underneath this house looks like a ...

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