Camera comparison: The Galaxy S7 Edge vs. the iPhone 6S Plus

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Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge goes head to head against Apple's iPhone 6S Plus in a series of five camera challenges.

Softek's biggest rivals are going head to head today in a battle of the cameras we have something galaxy S. 7 at. First those apples I think that's a plus let's see how the sex act out in the real world with old fashioned shoot out. We'll start with your average landscape photo although it is not your average landscape the iPhone's LCD display is no match for the F. sevens to pay only displayed so to be fair will take the shots out of the phone screen and onto yours I won't reveal which is which until the very end. Outside of the phones it's hard to tell the difference between these 2 images the one on the right is slightly sharper with higher contrast while the one on the left is more muted in this case the image on the left highlighted the bridge better bus they were neck and neck. Now let's go in for a close up. Both like the depth of field I would've liked out of a portrait shot glass the one on the right seems to have brighter colors and better definition. And now for an extreme ...

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