AD #1847 – VW Likely to Offer Buy Backs, Peugeot Shows Future Interior Concept, Honda Outlines Electric Strategy

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- VW Reaches Agreement to Compensate Diesel Owners - Peugeot Shows Future iCockpit Concept - Going Global Very Important to Cadillac - Honda Unveils New Accord Hybrid and Announces Clarity Family of Vehicles

On today's show Volkswagen and US officials finally reach an agreement to compensate diesel loners Honda will offer non fuel cell variants. Clarity and why growing sales outside of the U. S.. Someone Porten the Cadillac. All that more coming right up on a blind date. This is not a line daily for April 21 of 2016. Volkswagen has finally come to an agreement with US officials and how it will compensate diesel owners with a mission cheating software. Reuters reports that the company is expected to tally U. S. district judge today it will offer to buy back up to nearly 500000 vehicles with 2 liter diesel engines. Quit with the defeat devices. VW will also set aside $1000000000 to compensate owners on top of the buy back but it's not clear how it will be divine ...

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