080 - Upnor Castle

published 2 years ago by Dan Snow

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You guys are you doing. How's everybody doing now listen early moaning and check it out I met drive my drone and my GoPro into the sea. That's how hard I'm pushing the envelope pick guys. Brutal and I did a few years ago check it out or my periscope. It's pretty sad so. Now comes the river Medway is turned into the most beautiful. Afternoon here on the midway and I'm taste talk about Amir I Picasso built by the Judas built by Elizabeth. The queen of the virgin queen to protect our most important naval base in the cut. Yeah I listen the drone the drug is the bottom of the sea I'm afraid everybody now this is a no cost. Not really a proper colossal let those look like one. This is. where the shooters built this as a as a gun battery. to protect. With this stretch of river which was the most important anchorage. For the royal ...

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