AD #1844 – Changan to Make Autonomous Cars in 2018, GM Embarrassed Into Safety Improvements, VW Teases New PHEV SUV

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Toyota Production Impacted by Earthquake - Changan Sets Autonomous Car Production Date - VW to Show New PHEV SUV in Beijing - GM Embarrassed Into Safety Improvements - Lockheed’s Martian School Bus - Toyota’s Fuel Cell Vision

On today's show General Motors performs miserably in crash tests in Latin America China and claims it will make autonomous cars in China in 2018 and Lockheed Martin builds a school bus for a trip across Myers on that mark coming right up. Online dating. This is not a line daily for April 18 of 2016. Automakers face a hard enough time doing business in the brutally competitive auto industry. Sometimes mother nature likes to make it even harder in earthquake and Chios you the southern island in Japan is forcing Toyota to temporarily suspend production at 17 of its assembly plants those plants make a broad line up of vehicles. In North America the shutdown will affect most Lexus and scion lineups. Toyota also imports ...

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