Clearly Rigged | Unfilter 184

published 3 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

More fallout from the Panama Papers gets picked up in this week's episode, plus we discuss the mounting pressure against the rigged 2016 elections system, Russia buzz's our planes & CNN has some hot propaganda. Plus we reveal our secret plans & pack our Overtime full of news you should know!

This is a filter episode 184 for 4/13/2016 I use it over the rules I did as I where I live and I lost in lies everything you said except I when things rate it's a rate it's disenfranchised it's not one person one vote what do you call it when voters going to the voting booth doesn't doesn't matter at all Eyez on its men's side on their end up system that is a rate it's not made as a system against voters it's a system rigged against people that don't of voting booths it's a system rigged against people to go out to caucus is it is a system that is way in favor of the ranch and the powerful and the politically connected ...

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