Protection for Russia’s Beluga Whales, 3D-printed eggs & elusive warty pigs caught on camera

published 3 years ago by Earth Touch

Conservationists use 3D-printed eggs in an effort to save Africa’s vultures, the US moves to protect Russia’s over-hunted beluga whale population, endangered warty pigs caught on camera in Indonesia for the very first time and a snake eagle meets its match when it takes on a huge cobra.

This week's episode using 3 D. printed ecstasy vultures a new proposal to protect Russia's beluga whales rare warty pigs filmed for the very first time into snake eagle meets its match starting off in the U. S. for the country's about to get involved in the state of beluga whales in Russia the Obama administration's new proposals will stop anyone in America from applying for import permits protecting an over hunted Russian beluga population in 2013 the Russian government improve the capture of more than 260 whales most of which were designated for sale to marine parks and aquariums what's your take on this new let us know in the comments below. Conservationists in the UK are hoping to say Bolger's with the help of 3 D. printed aches the replicas are identical the actual Bolger aches but instead of embryos they contain sensors used to monitor the vultures complex incubation process a better understanding of this process means a better chance at successful captive ...

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