Enlarged Spleen Key to Diving Endurance of 'Sea Nomads'

published 3 months ago by UCTV

Over hundreds if not thousands of years, a group of Southeast Asian sea nomads known for their deep-diving prowess has evolved a solution to increasing their underwater time: larger spleens. Series: "UC Berkeley News" [Show ID: 34023]

The Dodgers Southeast Asia sometimes called Sina mad are an extraordinary group of people for thousands of years they have existed as movie hunter gatherers making their living and surviving entirely off to see they survive in part through baffled diving and they're exceptionally good at this it was entirely unknown whether the scene on Matt's abilities had a genetic basis using ultrasound measurements and comparative whole genome study we demonstrated that natural selection has acted on the barges diving abilities 3 number of traits related to the human dive response one component of the human dive responses contraction of the fleet this pushes a supply of oxygenated red blood cells into the system providing an oxygen post feels the high dive capacity like the wood d'alessio have disproportionately large screens we found that the body Joe di ...

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