Ontario's New Ford Government

published 11 months ago

The Agenda welcomes Todd Smith, PC MPP for the Bay of Quinte, government house leader and minister of government and consumer services, to explain the reasoning behind the wide array of changes Ontario's new government has brought forward and what it has planned for coming months.

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter at TVO.org slash daily. It's usually pretty sleepy around queen's park in the summertime but not this year with a fresh mandate from the people you're done Ford's government got right down to work advancing several significant bills here to reflect on that busy summer sitting the member responsible for planning and managing the government's legislative agenda here's Todd Smith he is the government house leader minister of government and consumer services and the PC member for the bay of plenty and we are delighted to welcome you was the first test of this are 13 season here on the agenda grades used to have you here let us just a a lot of people of course are as politically active over the summertime so we want to catch up a little bit here for our first interview why you have this very unusual summer sitting to begin with well I think we got a strong mandate from the people on June 7 receiving a majority government obviously and and we want to get right down to work at the one thing I can say about our ...

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