AD #2427 – Ford Merging with VW in Europe? WLTP Creating a Bit of Havoc, Baojun Shows New Small Electric Car

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Ford to Merge with VW in Europe? - F1, IndyCar and NASCAR Race Results - New European Fuel and Emission Test Creating Havoc - EU Fleets Turning to Daily Rentals - Ford Using Drones to Inspect High Places - Baojun Shows New Small EV - FCA and Mahindra Battle Heating Up

On today's show forties thinking of merging its European operations with Volkswagen I knew test procedure for testing emissions is wreaking havoc on Europe an SCA is suing my hands are up for that little off road machine that looks just like a jeep all that and more coming right up on online daily. Welcome back to online daily the voice of the global automotive industry. Is 4 going to merge its European operations with Volkswagen that's what the times of London is reporting it says Ford is getting ready to fire 24000 employees in Europe as part of a massive cost cutting effort the Mondale Galaxian asked Max will also get the ax according to the report none of this is going to happen soon now the Monday always getting a room read ...

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