AD #2426 – Cadillac Escalade Turns 20, New Kia Forte Impressions, Progress of High Octane Fuel Standard

published 7 months ago by John McElroy

- Cadillac Escalade Turns 20 - First Impressions: New Kia Forte - Indian Motorcycles Gets Automotive Tech - Formula E Working on Off-Road Series - Roush Turns the Mustang Up to 11 - Progress of High Octane Fuel Standard

On today's show Cadillac escalade celebrates its twentieth birthday automakers want only one grade of high octane gasoline sold in the US and will share our first driving impressions of the all new kia for change all that and more coming right up. This is online daily the voice of the automotive industry the Cadillac escalade is celebrating its twentieth anniversary it was rushed to the market after the success of the Lincoln navigator kat Cadillac flat footed and it was Cadillac dealers who bad management to come out with something to compete with the navigator once they did musicians like JZ J. law and Drake started making references to the Slade in their lyrics center videos and the escalade gained instant street cred ...

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