192: Pizza Spleef!

published 4 years ago by GeekGamer.TV

The show is finally back and since we are hungry for some Minecraft and Pizza, we decide to do a Pizza Spleef with the community!

You guys were finally back from our brief break to bring you another episode minecraft me on on this edition we do some communications if that includes. Seth Laing's pizza spleen and yes I play Joe does too. And we might win maybe we'll try also have that some updates. Questions all that and more minecraft me is next one grant me is brought to you by. Support us unpatriotic you would become a supporter today head on over the patriarch.com slash minecraft. This is my craft being a show that is about my crap. We bring you some of the most awesome tutorials on the internet. Reviews of vodka pack picks that you can use when we play. We take your awesome adventures ...

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