077 - Wallingford Castle

published 2 years ago by Dan Snow

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Everyone of you what's your reply millions done some history Gabrielle the past history. From around the world this month are been looking at British councils of displaying this weekend off lots. More adventures coming to live in Texas Germany Poland dorsals. I don't think everybody welcome welcome welcome now because you know it's just a bit like kill a colossal 6 fighting everybody says I am here I've done so I'm looking at what was I know I keep promising. Don't take user wants what was very important because Brian there over important. This was once them one of the most powerful Cosens hello everybody hiding element evident. This one the most powerful cost loans Wallingford Casal. I'm the reason is very exciting bear with me the reasons for exciting's arms concentrating. These moans that you can see here achates magazine editor all just Norman fortifications. But not just fortifications on the Norman threat of classical ...

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