A 1st Look at Adobe Photoshop Fix on iPad

published 5 years ago

In this episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Terry White gives us a 1st Look at Adobe Photoshop Fix, the hot new photo retouching app, running on iPad. While this video shows it on an iPad Air 2, note that it takes full advantage of the iPad Pro and has Apple Pencil Support.

Hello and welcome to a new episode of adobe critical TV my name is Terry white and I'm very excited to show you. First look at the brand new adobe Photoshop fix. Re touching application for iOS. So I just want to point out that I will be doing this demo on an iPad here too. fully compatible course with the iPad but it's also fully feature rich on the iPhone as well. And the only reason I'm doing on the iPad US post the iPhone is because the I. iPads bigger bigger screen. But everything I want to do here you could do exactly the same thing on iPhone as well. So with that said let's dive in and take a first look. No Photoshop fixes the free application you can go download from the app store sooner done watching this video don't stop watching video download it later. So let's dive right in and take a look at the app itself. I got Photoshop fix on my pension going ...

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