AD #2425 – Ford Gets Downgraded, Hyundai Goes Back to the Drawing Board, Roechling Develops Active Air Blinds

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Ford Gets Downgraded - Chariot Expands in London - Hyundai Reworks Kona Headlights to Earn Safety Pick - Honda CR-V Headed Back to Japan with Updates - Lexus RC Coupe Gets LC Inspiration - Lego Makes Full-Size Bugatti Chiron - Roechling Develops Better Active Air Blinds

On today's show more bad news at Ford it's getting downgraded Hyundai goes back to the drawing board to get a better safety rating and we'll tell you why blinds are better than charters to make cars more aerodynamic all that and more coming right up. This is online daily the voice of the automotive industry well the business outlook at 4 doesn't look so good moody's just downgraded the company's credit to one notch above junk the reason is that Ford sales and profits are plummeting in China and it's losing money in Europe and South America moody says for it is several years away from turning that around and it forgets further downgraded to a junk rating many financial institutions will be forced to sell their Ford bonds because they cannot have junk bonds in their portfolio maybe the ...

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